Hello there,

I’m Jenny, aka Rupert’s Mummy (funny how you introduce your child but not yourself most of the time)! We are food obsessed little family living in South West London.

A passion for good food and home cooking has been ingrained in me since childhood. My wonderful mum trained as a caterer and has always served superb food. She always encouraged my brother and I get involved in the kitchen, and one of my first memories is standing on a chair to make bread with her.

Our great pleasure as a family is to cook and eat together, and we are never happier than when gathered around a table with family, friends, lots of food and delicious wine.

Since my precious Rupert arrived into the world in 2014, it has been very important to me and my husband to give him every opportunity to share the same love of food and cookery that we enjoy. So far he seems to take after his Mummy and Daddy and is generally a super eater and will try most things. Though of course, like every small child, there are occasional days when he refuses to eat, rejects something he ate perfectly happily the previous week or throws food all over the floor!

In the same way as previous generations curated notebooks of recipes to hand down to their children, I love the idea of creating a collection of family recipes that will be taught to Rupert and become part of his childhood memories. My dream for Rupert & Mummy is that it will evolve to be an online cookery book for Rupert and diary of our family life as he grows up, as well as becoming a place for us to share our adventures with you.

Thank you for joining us… Hope you enjoy tucking in!

Jenny x